Rolling back eight years of Obama’s damaging agenda will require a Speaker willing to proactively pursue policy initiatives that work to aggressively protect America’s interests. It is vital that officeholders and candidates alike never again rubberstamp an Omnibus like Paul Ryan’s 2015 omnibus.

That’s why with our People’s Speaker Pledge we will ask elected Representatives and candidates to state on the record that they’ll oppose another Paul Ryan omnibus filled with Obama’s favorite programs.

We are also asking that candidates and office holders support five initiatives from the The People’s Speaker Blueprint comprised of ten top-line policy initiatives any conservative Speaker of the House should be willing to champion.

Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen

The People’s Speaker Pledge

I, ____________________, pledge to the citizens of my state and to the American people that I will:

ONE:  support a candidate for House Speaker who will aggressively commit to pursuing a minimum of FIVE elements from the People’s Speaker Blueprint.

TWO:  vote against any candidate for Speaker who advocates for another Obama-style Omnibus bill that funds Obamacare, sanctuary cities, refugee resettlement, Planned Parenthood, and which does not fund the completion of the border wall.

Signed: _________________________________

The People’s Speaker Blueprint

  1. No more wars without debate on the floor. The Speaker should allow for a debate and vote for any future or current Authorization of Use of Military Force.
  2. No more funding for bad trade deals like TPP, TTIP, & TiSA. The U.S. should only engage with trade allies on a bi-lateral basis.
  3. Launch the NAFTA Escape Hatch – Article 2205 – to bring U.S. jobs back home. The President can pull the escape cord, and Congress should be ready with partner legislation to facilitate the repatriation of our former U.S. manufacturing base.
  4. Officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates as Terrorist Organizations to prevent their operation on U.S. soil.
  5. Allow debate on Brian Babin’s Refugee Resettlement Accountability National Security Act to bring security community into the vetting process.
  6. Shift all members of Congress and their staffs onto Veterans Association benefit program, removing them from the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program.
  7. Introduce a Scaled tariff, to a) help balance the budget bringing hundreds of billions into the treasury and b) increase U.S. exports by compelling our trading partners to remove barriers so they can sell their products to America.
  8. Introduce legislation to treat currency transfers to Mexico the same as transfers to Cuba for the last 50 years. Taxing them at 20% to fund border controls and security such as a wall, personnel, and equipment.
  9. Commit to regular order in the House. The House should return to a formal budget appropriations process that does not include catch-all omnibus bills. Break up the bills into individual bills by federal Department. No more “Legislating By Crisis.”
  10. Defunding the Export/Import Bank is the first step to ending Corporate Welfare D.C. has become so famous for.  The federal government should not be in the business of choosing winners and losers.

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