Politico opines the Freedom Caucus has no reason for being in a Trump-run D.C.

Politico, the mouthpiece for disgraced Republican staffer Brad Dayspring and his bosses in GOP leadership — unabashed trump-paul-ryan-cantoredcritics of the conservative dissident group — has finally gone public with their fervent hope that the House Freedom Caucus will disband.

Over the past two years, the House Freedom Caucus has bludgeoned GOP leadership. It has torpedoed Republican legislation that didn’t tack far enough right, and even drove a speaker from office.

All of a sudden, though, Donald Trump has defanged the tiger — or, at least, that’s what its Republican critics are hoping.

Politico and House leadership attempts to make their dream come true by quoting anonymous sources in House leadership, a tactic always preferred by leadership cowards who don’t want to be seen as they truly are: insufficiently conservative.

“In a Trump world, I don’t think the Freedom Caucus has legs. I don’t know what their purpose is anymore. They existed to leverage concessions out of House Republican leadership, but [Speaker] Ryan is no longer the lead Republican negotiator in the room.

The clear goal here is to indicate that Paul Ryan will join President-elect Trump in his agenda.

This Politico write-up by itself is pretty strong evidence Ryan doesn’t necessarily intend to fall in line with President Trump’s agenda.

After all, one day before GOP nominee Trump defeated Hillary, Ryan told retiring radio host Charlie Sykes the GOP was not Mr. Trump’s party.


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