Yesterday Paul Ryan posted a 9 second video on Facebook that will leaves us all pondering whether we should laugh or cry. Sadly, the answer is both.

Paul Ryan is blatantly telling lies on border security and we see through it. Before we get to the proof let’s first watch the 9 second clip.

Paul Ryan has a lot of things to say in that 9 seconds. Everything he says sounds fantastic.

Secure the border, stop the flow of heroin into the United States and keep ISIS from entering our cities.

Who could argue against that? None of us.

Problem for Paul Ryan is he is the man credited with funding open borders and Obama’s deadly Muslim refugee program.

Let’s not forget the following:

  • In Paul Ryan’s 2015 $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus he fully funded sanctuary cities
  • In Paul Ryan’s 2015 $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus he fully funded ALL of Obama’s Muslim refugee programs
  • In Paul Ryan’s 2015 $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus he fully funded criminal alien resettlement programs
  • Paul Ryan’s 2015 $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus did NOT allocate funding for the 700 mile border security fence system
  • Paul Ryan’s 2015 $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus fully funded tax credits for criminal aliens

And all of the above only scratches the surface.

Paul Ryan is basically stealing our money then buying the very gun that will be used to kill us. 

Enough is enough.  

Is this the kind of leadership the rest of Congress wants in place as we try to move forward in very dangerous and challenging times? Is a vote cast for Paul Ryan as Speaker going to change course for America?

Paul Ryan has been in Congress for nearly two decades. He can spend $10,000,000+ in special interest money to protect his seat in Congress, but the House should strongly consider replacing Ryan with a new Speaker.

Otherwise every single member who claims a desire to oppose radical open borders, Obamacare and unchecked refugees from the Middle East can’t be taken seriously by We The People.

I strongly encourage all Americans to immediately contact House members and request a new Speaker.

Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen

  1. Diane Lowry says:

    Go for it!!!! Get his ass out!!!! He works for us and flunked his annual review! Big time!!!! This is the end of robbing Americans and stealing our Social Security dollars that we earned and paid in but he can fund things we don’t want and never asked for!!!!!????? Kick him out.

  2. Ryan and others should be expelled from the Republican party, he is in fact a Democratic saboteur.

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