When the Democrats dropped their “October surprise” Access Hollywood video of Donald Trump, establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan tucked tail and ran,

Indeed, most of these politicians had never made such a clear, decisive decision. But decide they did, withdrawing support for the Republican nominee in record speed.

Paul Ryan led the retreat, announcing he would not defend Trump.

But with Trump now surging in the polls in places like Colorado, Virginia and even Pennsylvania, it looks as if Ryan and his establishment pals miscalculated badly.

When Trump stated he’d put Hillary in jail during a Presidential debate, the tide began to turn.

Then the Obamacare numbers started to come in. Premiums for many Americans could double or even triple in cost.

The race drew even tighter when FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The ABC/Washington Post tracking poll debuted with Clinton holding a 12-point lead.

But as of November 1st, Trump has erased that deficit, surging to a 1-point lead.

The poll also shows Trump leading by 7 points in the states ABC classified as toss-ups.

Establishment politicians like Paul Ryan who stabbed Trump in the back undoubtedly regret their decision to hide behind the liberal media’s skirts.

The Washington Post reports:

“When at least four GOP senators left Trump after The Tape™, it looks like they underestimated both their nominee’s resilience and his resonance with their base. A wave of daily Washington Post-ABC News tracking polls finds that Republican voters are coming home to Trump, too, and that the race is more or less tied (at least at the national level).

Meanwhile, unlike politicians, most Trump supporters never really left Trump after the tape at all. Which means the lawmakers who flipped on him realized that they had no (political) choice but to recalculate and flop back. “There is an intensity to the Trump voter that I haven’t seen in my life in politics,” longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz told my Washington Post colleague Mike DeBonis recently.”

Ryan’s disapproval is on the rise among Republicans because of his refusal to campaign with Trump.trump-vs-ryan

Republicans disapprove of Ryan’s decision to abandon Trump by more than a 2-to-1 margin, according to a Pew survey

Ryan’s future, whether it holds a run for the Presidency – or a run for re-election in Congress – could be tricky due to his refusal to stand by Mr. Trump.

Others like Congressman Joe Heck – running for U.S. Senate in Nevada – have seen their numbers decline after cowing to the liberal media and dumping Trump.

And now Speaker Ryan doesn’t even enjoy the support of Mike Pence or Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

Indeed, while Paul Ryan is out campaigning for everyone except Donald Trump, the word on Capitol Hill is he could choose to avoid embarrassment and step down.

And at least one House member has publicly stated he won’t give Ryan his vote for speaker unless a number of conditions are met.

Mr. Trump isn’t even President yet, and he’s already Making America Great Again.

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