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October 26, 2016

Paul Nehlen Announces Challenge to Paul Ryan for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Kenosha, WI – Paul Nehlen today announced his candidacy for Speaker of the House of the United States Representatives.

He released the following statement on his candidacy:

“Real America knows that D.C. lives in a bubble, and that the power players inside the Beltway are concerned with their own fortunes rather than with the plight of the American worker and middle class,” Nehlen opened. “Speaker Paul Ryan – a man who bends over backward to deliver President Obama’s agenda – is the physical embodiment of Washington’s disregard for the American people.

“Paul Ryan is a man who is openly working to undermine Donald Trump’s effort to regain the White House for Republicans. The people are right to ask him whose team he’s on,” Nehlen continued.

“Paul Ryan is the absolute last person who should be in charge of checking and balancing the executive branch of the federal government from the perspective of the federal legislature, and over the next few months we’ll have a conversation about the proper role of the Speaker of the House and what a real leader could do were he to hold the Speaker’s gavel,” concluded Nehlen.

Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution allows for non-members of the U.S. House of Representatives to be elected Speaker of the House. The election for Speaker of the House occurs when the 115th Congress returns to D.C. in January of 2017.

The Republican Conference traditionally holds its leadership elections soon after November’s federal elections, but there are talks Speaker Ryan may attempt to move those forward on the calendar to avoid accountability as Congress deals with budgetary legislation later in the lame-duck session.

Mark Meadows, a conservative member of the Freedom Caucus and FreedomWorks, a formidable conservative grassroots organization, have each advocated for delaying Republican leadership elections until later in the lame-duck session in order to give Americans a better sense of Speaker Ryan’s agenda.

Paul Nehlen is a successful manufacturing executive who engineers corporate and factory turnarounds and works to repatriate manufacturing facilities to the United States. He began his career in factory floor maintenance, and has worked his way up to ownership positions in several Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 companies. Nehlen ran against Paul Ryan in the Republican primary for Wisconsin’s first Congressional district, and was endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, Richard Viguerie, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin,  Lars Larson, and Stop Common Core in Wisconsin, among others. Paul lives in Delvan, Wisconsin, with his wife Gabriela. 



  1. Dick Albright says:

    By Golly, that’s right! We were made aware of this before, but here it is. Talk to Newt again on how it works.

    Go for it Paul…we’ve got your back!

  2. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!! you will need it !!!!!! for some reason, the people in your district think that they are LUCKY to have that slug in d c … NOT REPRESENTING THEM !!!!!! I do not get it ! You would think that THEY of all Wisconsinites, would SEE that he is in the d c outhouse to enrich himself, not to help them ! but they continue to send him there, no matter HOW MUCH proof there is that he is not even a REPUBLICAN !!!!!! I will not be able to send you any donations, as I am on SS and it is not enough to have ”extra” cash in my life after my bills, etc. BUT I will be as vocal as I was about you running against him in August !!!!!!! I am one of your biggest supporters when it comes to getting that TURD out of d c and back here were he belongs !!!

  3. Sally Gillies says:

    Hi, Mr. Nehlen, Thank you for continuing the fight for honest REPRESENTATION for We the People. I am so disgusted with Paul Ryan and the way he handled the Speakership of the House. He does not support Trump and I don’t believe he will do anything to bring America back to the way is always was before liberals in politics co-opted the now useless, liberal mainstream media.

    I pray for our country every day and ask God to help us in our fight against global governance.

    Again, thank you!

    • cactusbob says:

      And Ryan must laugh every day at the way he has hoodwinked the people of his district. Paul Nehlen would be a vast improvement over Ryan as Speaker, and he would be completely without conflict of interest, not being a Representative. Time to start getting ducks in a row.

  4. Diane Pendleton says:

    Paul, you are one brave and very smart man. We The People need you and your ideas to keep the House honest and on point. They have abandoned us and need a true leader to bring them back to the job at hand. Thank you, God bless you and God bless America.

  5. Dan Doughty says:

    Paul Ryan is another John Boehner. All mouth and no action whose concerns are only his wealth not the American people. Paul Ryan’s priority & agenda is Paul Ryan. He doesn’t represent the citizens of America.
    He needs to go!

    • Phillip Galey says:

      Ryan’s Jezebel–his wife–is a big Progressive, . . . to find that, he is a little bit pussy-whipped, I wouldn’t be at all surprised, . . .

  6. Cathy Therrell says:

    I’m so happy you are doing this Mr. Nehlen!
    I donated to you several times in August and sent many of my people your commercial videos – they were so great!
    So looking forward to this. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

  7. Fantastic idea Mr. Nehlen you gooooo!!! Just thought I would like to mention that about a year ago I read on a site somewhere that mentioned when the founders of our Country set up the House of Reps and the Senate they had a rule that said these positions were to only be held by “common folk…we the people and NOT attorney’s”. Something to look into and check out for additional knowledge and standing for your pursuit and prayerfully becoming the next Speaker of the House.

    God’s blessings and success to you Mr. Nehlen from a Wisconsinite.

  8. Jane Mann says:

    Like Donald Trump, Paul Nehlen is a true patriot. Neither needs to live off the taxpayer’s backs to become rich and powerful. Most of Washington, DC has sold out to the socialist New World Order agenda, pushed by the Bush Clan and the Clintons along with the Saudis. Paul Ryan is simply a puppet bought and paid for by these crime families. He is an open border, pro-TPP, pro-refugee, anti-American advocate for the one world government ran by the United Nations. Everyone who cast a vote for him knows exactly what and who he is, and they just don’t care. They are from the same mold as Clinton supporters who know she is an incompetent, lying, scheming, murderous woman, but will support her anyway because there may be something in it for them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. With people like Ryan and Clinton in control of this country, we will all suffer the same consequences. The dooming of our once great nation.

  9. Sandra Cremeans says:

    I don’t think the people of WI are that stupid. I think the election between you and Ryan was rigged against you. I believe it was a test of the voting machines in that area to make sure they would work for Hillary in November. You were too close in their rigged polls to come out so far behind in the votes. Please do run for Speaker. We need an honest man to head the Representatives for the first time since Newt.

  10. I’ve been sending friends using email or private messages with this website so they can read it for themselves. Posting on social media and tagging people is useless as all these outlets are “rigged”. Let’s get the word out without the clutter and confusion of social media.

  11. wingedspirit says:

    Please make the announcement as soon as Trump wins. If Hillary wins. it will be a democrat as speaker of the house. It will probably be Nancy Pelosi.

  12. Miguelle Lee says:

    Hi Mr. Nehlen,
    I’m in California and phone banked for your House run as well as donated a few times. I’m ashamed that I’m still not sure how our political system works but if it’s possible for me to vote for you as Speaker, I sure will. If not, I think that’s a role all Americans should be able to vote on. Anyway, I wish you luck and will help anyway I can. I’m a TRUMPeter and know that with you as Speaker our new president could really get things done.

  13. Anthony L Tidwell says:

    Best of luck Paul, I helped your campaign from Arkansas when you ran against that traitor. With people like you and Donald J. Trump we can win our country back from the liars and thieves!!

  14. Mr. Nehlen: thank you for standing up for the American people. Paul Ryan is completely tone deaf to conservative values, as is much of our RINO Congress. Thank you again for standing up for the values that made America great in the first place. Go Paul!

  15. Awesome news. I`d love to see Ryan have more time to spend with his family and friends back in Wisconsin. He was forced into taking that job that he said he didn’t want anyways.

  16. David Barlow says:

    Paul Ryan doesn’t speak for me or any other Republicans. We might as well have another Democrat as Speaker because he sure isn’t doing the job correctly. I’m beginning to think he’s afraid of Democrats and I don’t think I’m to far off when I say that. I’m about ready to drop my membership in the Republican Party and becoming an Independent. Go for it and we’ll back you.

  17. I like Paul Nehlen. He is more of the “people’s candidate” and he needs to oust Paul Ryan.

    Paul Ryan needs to grow a backbone and I lost respect for Paul Ryan, when he doubled down on his move to cut pensions for military veterans in that USA Today op-ed published in early August 2016. Gotta love those establishment Republicans who are willing to hijack veteran pensions and not their own pensions and then you got the Obama administration giving billions to Iran, because Odummy wanted to fulfill a 40-year old obligation. I’m sick of these establishment politicians squandering our tax-dollars. Time to “clean house” and elect some fresh people into office.

  18. Tammie Williams says:

    I’m a huge Trump supporter from Missouri. I think it’s a great idea. I was hoping you’d win. Paid Ryan gave up his rights when he turned on the people’s choice of candidate. And he’s a globalist. I’m hoping you’ll get it! Help Nake America Great Again!

  19. John Eckert says:

    What is wrong with the people of Wisconsin, can’t they not see through Ryan. He is so going to vote Hillary on November 8th how can Wisconsin keep him in office.
    Please never give up on taking Ryan down, Trump and supporters are with you .

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