Crickets from Paul Ryan as Senate Majority Leader McConnell moves to strike a budget deal with Barack Obama during the lame-duck session.

One day after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed his clear desire to fund Barack Obama’s spending levels — spending levels Paul Ryan helped lick in just one year ago — into late 2017. obama-ryan-mcconnell

McConnell signaled his strong desire to negotiate a gargantuan, end-of-year budget with Barack Obama to fund all aspects of the federal government for one more fiscal year — through Sept. 30, 2017.

“We would like to finish funding the government this year,” McConnell told The Washington Examiner on Wednesday, one day after Mr. Trump’s election. “Exactly how to achieve that over a three-week period is always a matter for discussion — how to package it, differences in the House versus the Senate. But I would like to wrap up the business of funding the government in this fiscal year, this calendar year.”

Paul Ryan hasn’t yet indicated how he wants to approach the budget.

Instead, Ryan has his eye on getting past GOP Conference leadership elections and attempting to appear friendly to President-elect Trump.

We will update you on any developments on whether and to what extent Ryan plans to collaborate with Obama and McConnell on the budget like he did less than one year ago.

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