One day before Trump defeated Hillary, Ryan still wasn’t O.K. with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump may have won the Republican nomination for president, but the party is not his.

Weak, ineffective Paul Ryan voiced his sentiment on Monday, November 7, in a conversation with NeverTrump radio host Charlie Sykes.

paul-ryanSykes is one of the Wisconsin radio hosts who waged war against President-elect Trump during on behalf of Sen. Ted Cruz, Scott Walker (who openly talked about deposing Trump), and Reince Priebus.

Priebus, for his part, claimed he wanted Republicans to coalesce around Mr. Trump in April, but didn’t actually declare the NeverTrump movement dead until July 15. (And that was only in terms of the attempt to replace him as nominee.)

Ryan’s comments smack of territorialism given Paul Ryan’s utter lack of concern with the grassroots of the Republican Party.

“As a party leader, as the highest elected official in the party …  no one person controls this party. This is a bottom-up, organic grassroots party based on conservative principles.”

On Wednesday, the day after Mr. Trump’s election, Ryan tried to congratulate President-elect Trump by throwing shade on the American grassroots movement that stacked up 60 million votes in Mr. Trump’s column.

“What Donald Trump just pulled off is an enormous political feat. It’s an enormous feat in that he heard those voices that were out there that other people weren’t hearing.

Ryan’s latest shape shifting exercise is merely one intended to save his hide. Ryan knows that Mr. Trump can make or break the U.S. House’s legislative efforts in the early days of 2017.

Ryan also knows he very well may not have the votes to continue as speaker in the next Congress.

And Ryan is acutely aware he doesn’t necessarily have support from Vice President-elect Pence or Freedom Caucus Chair Jim Jordan, or among the conservatives in the House like Thomas Massie.

Even House members very close to leadership have indicated recently that Paul Ryan may step down.

Paul Ryan knows he is on the ropes. And he knows many of President-elect Trump’s supporters would prefer to see Ryan working on K Street where he belongs.

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