Dear Fellow Patriot,

Paul Ryan’s first serious legislative “achievement” represented a complete and utter sell-out of the American people, yet he called it a success.

Speaker Paul Ryan is happy to rubber stamp Barack Obama’s agenda, and he offers every indication he will enable Hillary Clinton’s agenda should she win.

Please help me FIGHT BACK against Speaker Ryan’s selling out of the American people by signing the VETO PAUL RYANpetition below.

Thank you for standing with me in this ongoing battle to stand up to Democrats and Republicans selling out America’s future!

For Freedom,

Paul Nehlen



Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus bill fully funds DACA,

Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus bill funded Sanctuary Cities

Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus bill funded All Refugee Programs

Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All of the Mideast Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists in Recent Years

Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Illegal Alien Resettlement

Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Funds the Release of Criminal Aliens

Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Quadruples Certain Foreign Worker Visas

Whereas:    Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens

Whereas:    Ryan’s Omnibus Locks-In Huge Spending Increases

Whereas:    Ryan’s Omnibus Fails to Allocate Funds to Complete the 700-Mile Double-Layer Border Fence That Congress Promised the American People in 2006

Therefore: As your constituent, I insist you vote for a Republican candidate for Speaker of the House other than Paul Ryan in both the Conference Leadership elections in the lame-duck and at January 2017 House election for Speaker of the House.

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