Paul Nehlen (Paul F. Nehlen III) is a Wisconsin executive, entrepreneur, and inventor. He has extensive leadership and operational experience in manufacturing and industry, as well as a record of restoring jobs to the American economy.

Currently, Mr. Nehlen serves as senior vice president of operations for a company that leads the industry in water filtration and disinfection technologies. In that role, he oversees all facets of the organization’s engineering, new product development, production, supply chain, business development, and acquisitions. During his tenure with the company, Nehlen relocated manufacturing operations and jobs previously based in Canada to the eastern seaboard of the United States. Additionally, under his leadership, several of the company’s product lines and jobs were moved to Wisconsin.

Mr. Nehlen has likewise established his own small business in Wisconsin. Blue Skies Global LLC leverages key networks and technologies on behalf of the companies with which it partners, in order to ensure that they can deliver outstanding, cost-effective engineered products and projects.

As an inventor, Mr. Nehlen holds several patents both in the United States and abroad and has others pending. Two of those patents relate to the design of tube sheets, a subcomponent of various pieces of engineered industrial equipment. Where most tube sheets are comprised of a single, thick sheet, Nehlen’s designs call for innovative, stacked thinner sheets of metal. Stacking creates zones that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, tasking the various regions for filtration, flow control, shock absorption, magnetic characteristics, ion exchange, dosing, chemical or medical treatment, or other purposes. One of Mr. Nehlen’s tube sheets has applications in water filtration. Mr. Nehlen also holds the patent on a strainer and control system that has implications for worker safety. Some of Mr. Nehlen’s patents also lend themselves to additive manufacturing technologies, of which 3D printing is but one example.

Previously, Mr. Nehlen was a division president at the Georgia-based company TydenBrooks, where he managed the 80 percent relocation of a Mexico-based factory back to the U.S. Prior to TydenBrooks, he worked his way from the shop floor through middle management and all the way to executive leadership at SPX Corporation. Nehlen’s roles with SPX took him to a variety of states, including Wisconsin, as well as to international locations.

Since 2013, Mr. Nehlen has served as an advisory board member for Operation Homefront, a Wisconsin non-profit organization with a strong record of bringing direct financial assistance to the families of active duty service members.

Mr. Nehlen and his wife Gabriela make their home in Delavan, WI.